Updating your Insurance in the New Year

from Insurance Network of Louisiana

Dec 31, 2014

Over the course of a year, people often have many life changes. Some great, some small and some relate directly to your insurance. Do you know when you should call your insurance agent and let them know that (blank) has changed?

Updating your insurance in Louisiana:

  • Auto Insurance: Did you purchase a new (or new to you vehicle) or are you planning on it? Updating your insurance agent with these details will mean that your vehicle is properly insured should an accident occur. It is often required to show proof of insurance when purchasing a new vehicle, so letting your agent know ahead of time may save you a headache. Let your agent know if you move or if your commute is further or shorter. This may affect your insurance policy as premiums can be influenced by your zip code.
  • Home Insurance: If you move or add elements to your home like a pool or trampoline, you should let your agent know. Are you planning on making home improvements after the New Year? Let your agent know! Not only can some improvements increase the value of your home, but you may need permits or a licensed and bonded contractor. Your agent may be able to assist you with that process. The beginning of the year is also a great time to assess your home insurance, schedule collectibles or other valuables to your policy and explore the need for additional insurance like flood or personal umbrella insurance.
  • Personal Details: There are so many of life’s great moments that your insurance agent will be involved. Your agent should be in the know if you get married, grow your family, have a teen driver or send a child off to college. There are crucial updates to your insurance policy that need to happen in many of these scenarios. Your agent can also assist you should your child need renter’s insurance for their dorm or living situation while at college.

Your insurance agent is more than just that, they can help you navigate the complicated insurance waters and help make updating your insurance policies a breeze. Let the local, independent insurance experts at Insurance Network of Louisiana in Baton Rouge, LA assist you with your insurance needs. Whether it be updating an auto policy, getting your college-bound child set with a renter’s policy or making sure that you have additional home coverage with a personal umbrella policy, Insurance Network of Louisiana is here to help. Visit their insurance website 24/7 for more information about wide range of personal insurance products they offer.

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