Jun 14, 2015

Understanding your insurance in Baton Rouge, NV is important when it comes to tornadoes, hurricanes and high winds. Let Insurance Network of Louisiana help! 

Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Wind –Does my standard Home Insurance Policy Insurance Cover this? Not Likely.

Every state in our country can have a tornado, hurricane or suffer from a severe windstorm, so understanding that your home is protected with the right insurance to cover this type of loss is critical. Browse your policy or call your agent before an event is forecast because once a storm is coming, insurance companies will freeze new coverage from being bound in time for the event.

Your standard homeowners policy likely covers it (except in hurricane prone states like Louisiana, Texas, Florida and Hawaii)

While there are exceptions to every rule, the industry typically covers your home from certain perils such as windstorms, fire and theft. One of the common perils covered is wind damage which will include tornadoes, hurricanes and other high-wind events. So, typically you will be covered from these events, less your deductible, should such an event occur in your state.

What if it isn’t on my standard policy?

If Hurricane Insurance isn’t on your standard insurance policy, there are endorsements and other companies who you can get the coverage from. Same with states that have high likelihood of tornadoes. Be sure to check the fine print!

There is an exception to every rule

The best way to ensure you’re covered is to ask your insurance agent or company directly. There are policies that exist that will exclude this coverage, so be sure to check. Also, be sure that your internal contents are covered (personal property) and not just the home itself. If you own a home in the central part of the US (Tornado Alley) double check for coverage as it is common to have this loss be excluded.

There is always a company willing to give you this coverage

The beauty of shopping with an independent insurance agent is that they offer coverage from multiple insurance companies, not just one, so if one company doesn’t offer it, another one they sell will. Endorsing this coverage is potentially another possibility.

One last thing to note

Often large windstorms will trigger flooding events from either pushing in tides or be accompanied by heavy rains. It is important to understand that these events are not covered by a windstorm, tornado or hurricane coverage. You will need a separate flood insurance policy to cover you from water that damages a home even if the first event was the cause of the rising waters.

With anything insurance, the best answers that can be provided to your specific questions come from your local insurance agent. These agents are able to provide you with a certain, yes or no when it comes to coverage. Because they live where you do, they can help you assess the best coverage for your specific situation.

If you have questions about your home, auto or business insurance, call the insurance agents at Insurance Network of Louisiana in Baton Rouge, LA.  Since they live where you do, they understand both your insurance options as well as the best company to place your home or auto insurance with in Louisiana. With years of insurance experience they can easily help you insure everything from your home to your auto orbusiness insurance. Because they’re an independent insurance agent, they can help you find the right company to fit your needs. You can also check out their website, 24/7.


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