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Own a home? Here are two policy options you should know about

Feb 5 2021 If you have a homeowners policy, you probably expect it to cover all the costs of rebuilding your house in case it’s damaged or destroyed by a covered hazard. But are you certain you have enough coverage? Read... more

Driving Emergencies – Do You Know How to Handle Them?

Nov 18 2015 Would You Know What To Do In the Event You Have a Driving Emergency - Driving hazards present themselves daily and can occur year-round in every state. But, would you know what to do in the event a driving... more

Understanding Renters Insurance in Louisiana

Nov 6 2015 Renters Insurance Policies Help Protect More Than Just Your Personal Items - If you’re like 2 out of every 3 renters who rent a home, apartment or other dwelling, you don’t carry a renters insurance policy.... more

Help Your Teen Stay Safe With These Tips

Oct 22 2015 This week represents National Teen Driver Safety Week. According to National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the leading cause of death of teenagers from 15-19 years old in the United States is auto... more

Protect Your Home in Louisiana from Mold and Mildew

Oct 10 2015 Every home in the US is vulnerable to mold damage and now that we're coming into the cooler winter months, mold can thrive. Mold really needs one thing to grow: moisture. Protect your home from mold by... more

How to Put Together an At-Home Emergency Kit

Sep 25 2015 Fall is a great time to consider disaster preparedness and to take a look at your family's emergency kit. While disasters can happen anywhere, whether natural or man-made, it is important that your family be... more

How Technology Can Keep Your Home Claims-Free!

Aug 18 2015 Learn what pieces of technology could help you prevent a home insurance claim in Baton Rouge, LA. We touched a couple weeks back on how simple pieces of technology can keep your home safe from burglary. Well,... more

Insuring Comic Books, Fine Art, Antiques & More

Aug 6 2015 Are your collectibles covered by insurance? Learn what treasures need to be protected from Insurance Network of Louisiana in Baton Rouge, LA. So, you've got an Amazing Fantasy #15 comic book - the first... more

How to Protect Your Home While Away on Vacation

Aug 6 2015 Taking simple measures to protect your home while away as well as preventative measures can prevent a thief from being tempted by your home in Baton Rouge, LA. - Ah, summer. A time where we enjoy the great... more

Car Insurance Discounts – The Real Savings

Jul 23 2015 Car insurance discounts are plentiful and often times bundling them with the same company can save even more money. Let your local insurance agent quote you for best advice. For years we have all been flooded... more

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