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I’m Renting a Moving Truck. Do I need to buy their insurance?

Jul 9 2015 When renting a moving truck in Baton Rouge, LA, some individuals believe they have to buy insurance through moving truck to be covered. Read more to see if this is necessary. Every time you rent a moving truck,... more

Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Wind Damage – Insurance in Baton Rouge, LA

Jun 14 2015 Understanding your insurance in Baton Rouge, NV is important when it comes to tornadoes, hurricanes and high winds. Let Insurance Network of Louisiana help! Tornadoes, Hurricanes and Wind -Does my standard... more

Keep Your Home Free of Rodents and Rodent Damage in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Jun 5 2015 Dodge a costly home repair from rodent damage, not likely covered by insurance in Baton Rouge, LA by following these tips. Protecting your Home from Rodents and Rodent Damage - You've spent a lot of time... more

Beware of Uninsured Motorists in Baton Rouge, LA

May 19 2015 There are millions of uninsured motorists across the United States. Protect yourself with an uninsured motorist's insurance policy in Baton Rouge, LA today! Uninsured drivers are a huge problem across the... more

Do Rock Chip Claims Increase My Insurance Premiums in Baton Rouge, LA?

May 6 2015 Rock chips are a nuisance and it is possible that the small claim may make your insurance premiums rise. Read on to get a better understanding of glass repair and insurance. We've all seen the tents around... more

Hiring a contractor from Craigslist in Baton Rouge, LA? Read this.

Apr 23 2015 Insurance Network of Louisiana gives tips on how to save yourself from an insurance claim if hiring contract work from Craigslist. So, you're planning a home remodel or some landscape work - great! Most people... more

Learn how to protect yourself from a dog bite claim.

Apr 9 2015 Insurance Network of Louisiana explains how to protect yourself from a dog bite claim in Baton Rouge, LA. According to the Insurance Information Institute, over $400 million a year is paid out for dog bite... more

Escape A Home Owner’s Claim By Knowing How To Prevent Water Damage In Your Home.

Mar 27 2015 Insurance Network of Louisiana describes four common places to check for water damage before it happens. This can protect your home in Baton Rouge, LA. 4 Common Places to Check for Water Damage BEFORE it... more

What To Do If Your Vehicle Is Recalled In Baton Rouge, LA

Mar 12 2015 Vehicle recalls are a common occurrence in the US as well as Baton Rouge, LA. Be sure you understand what the process is to protect yourself and your family. What do I do when my vehicle is recalled? -... more

Proper Use of Space Heaters in Baton Rouge, LA Can Eliminate a Homeowners Insurance Claim

Feb 25 2015 When using a space heater in your Baton Rouge, LA home, consider following proper usage and ventilation of the space heater. This will help keep you and your family safe! Prevent a Costly Fire in your Home by... more

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