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Keep your Friends and Family Safe from Carbon Monoxide Poisoning in Baton Rouge, LA

Feb 12 2015 Learn how to safely prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in your home or other living area with these CO tips. It is easy to prevent carbon monoxide poisoning in Baton Rouge, LA Keeping your Home in Baton Rouge,... more

Learn how to Keep and Maintain a Fire Extinguisher in Baton Rouge, LA

Jan 30 2015 How to Keep and Maintain a Fire Extinguisher in your Home - Your home is much more than the place that you live or where you sleep. It is where you create memories, raise a family and have family and friends... more

Keep your Home in Baton Rouge, LA Safe this Winter by Following Proper Fireplace Safety

Jan 16 2015 Avoid a costly home insurance claim in Baton Rouge, LA by following proper safety and maintenance of your fireplace. Protecting your Home and Guests from Fireplace Dangers in Baton Rouge, LA - A fireplace is... more

Updating your Insurance in the New Year

Dec 31 2014 Over the course of a year, people often have many life changes. Some great, some small and some relate directly to your insurance. Do you know when you should call your insurance agent and let them know that (... more

Holiday Theft Protection in Louisiana

Dec 17 2014 Protect yourself from thievery this holiday season by following these simple tips. - During the holiday season, most of us are focused on family gatherings, good food and giving back. What we may not be... more

A Different Season Means Different Dangers For Motorcyclists

Oct 4 2013 Fall is a wonderful time to be outside on your bike, thanks to the crisp, cool weather and changing colors of the landscape. Staying safe on the road in autumn requires some special precautions, however.... more

It's Time for Spring Cleaning!

Apr 2 2013 Spring is a time of new beginnings in Louisiana - and now is a great time to take on some cleaning and organization tasks around your home. If you're anything like many of us here at Insurance Network of... more

Get Ready to Safely 'Spring Forward'

Mar 1 2013 Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday, March 10, 2013, for most places in the United States, so don't forget to set your clock forward one hour. We here at Insurance Network of Louisiana want to remind you it's... more

Be the Pinnacle of Health & Wellness This Winter

Feb 1 2013 It goes without saying that keeping yourself and your family healthy through the winter months in Louisiana can be a challenge. When you combine chillier temps, housebound days - not to mention kids passing... more

Protect Your Motorhome and RV From the Cold

Jan 2 2013 If you're a snowbird and you're headed away from the cold this winter to a sunnier and warmer spot, you can move on to the next article. Just know that we here at Insurance Network of Louisiana wish you a safe... more

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